Itinerary concerns


Hi Topdeck. I was hoping you could help me out. I’m booked for the grand European tour on 6th September and still haven’t received my itinerary yet. I am regularly contacting my travel agent though. I would really like the info ASAP as I wanted to take advantage of the ekit offer for a free sim card. Your help is greatly appreciated. ???


Hi Ange, my tour starts on the 8th of September and I got my itinerary 2 weeks ago. I reckon you should tell your travel agent to get it sorted for you as you should have it 6 weeks prior. Goodluck :slight_smile:


Thanks Miss Tracey, I think my travel agent is pretty useless at the moment no matter how many times I ring up they keep saying it will come in 4 weeks. I rang up 3 times this week and they said they still don’t have anything for me to collect. I’m SUPER FRUSTRATED!!! :frowning: Topdeck I left a message on the Aus tollfree number, can you please contact me ASAP. Thanks.


Hi Ange, I had the same problem with my agent, I ended up phoning Topdeck they then sent the itinerary through to my agent via email. The agent was determined not to give it to me until 2 weeks before my trip. I had enough so contacted the Manager. Hopefully you get yours soon :slight_smile:


I had an issue with this before my tour, it was the travel agents mistake so I’d contact either your agents manager or topdeck directly. My agent actually didnt properly book me on my tour until I looked into why I hadn’t got my itinerary… I wont be using her again