Italy transit strike?


Hi there,[br][br]I am scheduled for the Bravo Italia tour leaving Rome on July 20th and I have noticed on the news over the last few days of a 24 hour transit strike in Italy held on Monday (the 7th) as the transit workers are pushing for a new collective bargaining agreement - and there was a note in there that further strikes (which would include train, bus and possibly some airlines)have been delayed till after July 18th, to avoid causing huge disturbances as before that time is when most Italians leave for their summer vacations.[br][br]Just curious as to what happens if this strike occurs? In terms of arriving at the airport in Rome on the 20th and being able to get to the hotel? I know taxis are an option but I have heard that these can be scarce at the best of times. Is there a possibility of a shuttle being provided? Just curious as to the Admin’s plans for this type of situation.[br][br]Very excited to go on this tour and hoping this won’t be an issue, but thought I should ask just in case.[br][br]Cheers!


Hi GeoGirl,[br][br]Unfortunately the Italians go on transport strike a couple of times a year. They do operate during rush hour/peak travel times eg. usually between 5pm ? 8pm and in the morning but the rest of the day they?ll strike. Strikes like these are out of our hands.[br][br]Organising shuttles could be tricky as every passenger on this trip will be arriving different times to different airports. The good news is that ?depending on what time you land in Rome ? you have a whole day to make your way to our hotel. I would recommend that you keep an eye on the news first of all and see whether the situation will affect you at all. We could provide you with numbers of local taxi companies and you could try to pre-book your taxi so that they pick you up from the airport. You could also post on this Forum to see if you could share the costs with a fellow traveller.[br][br]Best wishes,[br][br]Anita[br]


Thanks for the quick response Anita.[br][br]I guess my concern is that I do not arrive in Rome until 8:00pm on August 20th - so I will already be arriving late and miss the initial welcome dinner.[br][br]What would be the best way to get the applicable contact information?[br][br]Cheers!


Hello again,[br][br]Please check the news the day before you fly out to make sure you really need to book a taxi i.e. we never book them as there are always heaps of them around. Please also note that this can be costly depending to which airport you are landing at.[br][br]If you do decide to go with the taxi option, my suggestion is that you contact your joining hotel and ask them to organise it for you:[br][br]Hotel Beethoven, Via del Forte Braschi 2, Rome, Italy.[br]Phone; 0039 06 61662913[br][br]Hopefully all this won’t be necessary and you will have a nice smooth ride into Rome! :)[br][br]Have a great trip![br][br]Anita