Israel and Jordan Tour - 31 December 2017


Hi there

I am a solo traveler booked on the Jordan & Israel tour, departing 31 December 2017. Is anyone else booked on this tour? And will anyone be spending extra nights in Amman and/ or Tel Aviv before/after the tour? It would be great to get in touch. Looking forward to the trip! :slight_smile:


I’m full of envy :slight_smile: I came back from a similar trip quite recently, and I’m pretty sure you’ll enjoy it. Where do you plan to sleep in Jerusalem? One of the places I remember best from the entire trip was a Mamilla hotel, where we slept. The hotel is located on top of the Mamilla promenade and the famous shopping center, close to the Tower of David and the Jewish Quarter, and offers a stunning view of Jerusalem itself. The service we received at the hotel was excellent, and the place itself was clean and tidy. highly recommend.