Island Suntanner Reverse 24th September



Anyone on this trip!? just under 4 weeks to go


hey Zoe

Finally worked out how I can reply to one of these posts. I AM ON THAT TRIP, WHOOOO, cannot wait. are yo excited toooo? where in Hants you from?




Im soooooo excited! haha! when do you leave for Aussie - I fly on Wednesday 21st September! cant belive i have finally found someone on this trip!! :slight_smile: x oh and i live in Farnborough



Thats weird lol thats just down the road from me! My Surname is Watts – Whats ur and ill see if i can try and find you.


Hey guys!
Im on this trip aswell! ;D Fly out on the 21st too… where are you flying from!!!




Im flying from Heathrow i think at half 9 @ nite! cannnot wait to go! :slight_smile: Have u got Fb? My surname is Watts and profile piccy is a bungy jump!

Ru looking forward to it?


hey Selena! Woo another of us!
My surname is pound, picture of two girls with weird hats on.
I fly on the 21st toooooo, obviously the date to fly! going Std - KL then KL tip Melb, then up to cairns. Bit long winded!
Selena, whats your last name, i’ll find you too!xx



Im flying Lnd Heathrow to Singapore touching down in Darwin and then on to Cairns think i arrive early Friday morning Any idea what time you arrive Lucie, Selena?

Hope ur both well!


Hey girls,

I’m on this trip too. (@Lucie: I’ve found out how to join the chat).

I fly at the 21st too. from frankfurt to singapur and the to australia.

I’m excited to go to autralia and to meet all you at the trip :wink:


Hey! Another person woo! :slight_smile: looks like we are all leaving the same day!! :slight_smile: Ru staying at gilligans the night before the trip or somewhere else? see if we can all get the same rooom or something? Have u got Fb? Whats ur surname and picture and i will add u! :slight_smile:

Excited yet?


I’ve booked one more night in gilligans too. so we’ll meet us there at the 24th :wink:

I have fb. You’ll find me with Stephanie Muth. I have a picture with 2 roses.

Till this morning I was not really exicted. but then I check my travel documents and read all your chat. and now I’m exicted.

Have you checked the different hostles? the pictures looks really great. I haven’t expected this.


I Arrive at Gilligans on the morning on the 23rd so the day before the trip starts on the 24th! Yay! im really excited to now i need sun after the weather in the Uk!

I cant seem to find you on Fb see if you can find me mine is Zoe Watts and my Photo is a Bungy jump

15 days! :slight_smile:


Hey! Think im on that same flight from Heathrow! :slight_smile: Arrive the friday morning. My surname is Ayling, will try and add you all!!