Island Suntanner Reverse 18th Feb



Anyone doing the island suntanner reverse starting in Cairns on 18th Feb?

Lauren :slight_smile:


Hi Lauren!

I’ll also be on this trip! Looking forward to it :slight_smile:



Hi Paul,

Just got the itinerary! :slight_smile: so excited!!

When are you flying out? Are you travelling on your own?



I’ll be travelling with Lauren on this tour, can’t wait ! :slight_smile:


I’m doing this tour too, but I start the day earlier as am doing the reefs and rainforests reverse from the 17th! I can’t wait - it’s about 2 weeks til I go, starting in melbourne for a few days then up to Cairns from the 16th! After the tour I’m in sydney for 2 days then home. I can’t wait, sitting at work dreaming about it now…


Hi Louise, Lauren and Me are arriving into Cairns on the 17th Feb and extending also in Sydney after until the 4th March! - two weeks to go!! :slight_smile:


I will arrive on 18th Feb in Cairns. Before I’m in Sydney… and also after our tour :slight_smile:

I will fly this Friday to Sydney, and yes I’m travelling alone. But now I know already someone travelling with me :wink:

see you soon


Just about to book this tour. I’m currently down in Sydney but should be making my way up the coast the start of next week.


Made it to Cairns, Holy it’s hot. Already got a pretty ugly sunburn going on.

Waiting on a Kiwi friend to join me but he got pushed back til Saturday. If anyone is around before it starts add me on facebook and we can grab a beer.