Island suntanner reverse - 18 dec 2010


My bf and I have just booked up for the Island Suntanner reverse on 18th Dec 2010. Has anyone else booked up for this yet, be great to chat to people before we get out there?
Also we were pleased we reach sydney on 31st dec ready for new year celebrations but since seen we arrive at 7.15pm and now bit concerned after talking to friends who have been for new year, that we will struggle to get a decent place in the park that late. Any thoughts?


Hi Hails,

The first lot of fireworks happen at 9pm and the second lot at midnight. Some of the best places for viewing the fireworks are the small parks away from Circular Quay. Either way, you’ll have a fabulous night and a great atmosphere no matter when you get there.



Hi there…

I was thinking of doing this tour, the only thing that is holding me back from booking is the fact that you dont get there till 7 pm on new years eve :frowning: I asked if there was any way they could get there earlier but top deck said that they maybe able to leave an hour earlier so would get into sydney at 6pm, this would have to decided by the group on the day, I googled the distance we travel on that day and it will be a 10 hour bus journey, but we stop at coffs harbour so probably will be a 11 hour day before we get to sydney…so im really unsure…



Hi Becky

I didnt realise when we booked that we were arriving so late on new years eve. It did dissapoint me a little when i found out but i was too hoping we may leave earlier and arrive earlier and i will have to do alot of sleeping on the coach. I think we will have a good time anyway and hopefully the everyone on the tour will get on well and we can all go out together.

Have you made any more decisions on this?



Hi Hails,

Me my bf and my friend and her bf have also booked on this tour! So excited!!! I was annoyed we dont get to Sydney until late too, but luckily I have a friend in Sydney who’s coming to pick us up and throwing a house party! I think wherever you end up on New Year it will be amazing. In fact I was just reading through the itinery, and the whole tour looks amazing! Not looking forward to spending so much time on the coach but hopefully the sights will make up for it ;D


Hi Lisa

Ahhh thats amazing that you have a friend out there for new years, fab. I defo think we are in for some good times ahead, yeah lots of travel but hf alot of fun on the way :slight_smile:


Hi everyone, myself an my mate are booked onto this tour. Its going to be awesome, can’t wait! Looking forward to meeting everyone on the tour an making some new mates as well as getting some awesome photo’s. As for new years eve, we are both up for getting into Sydney an hour early and we have got tickets to the Opera Bar, it’s meant to be a good night! Roll on 13th December and departure day!!! Wahoo!!!


still trying to decide what to do for new year, that bar looks awesome!! might be tempted by that


Yeah it does. Bit pricey, but we figure your not in Sydney on new years eve every year so its worth it. To be honest i’d probably spend that amount easily back home on a new years eve night out as well an i know it wouldn’t be as good.