Island Suntanner Reverse 16th April anybody?



I was just wondering if anybody was going on the island suntanner tour from the 16 - 29th of April, starting from Cairns.
would be nice to hear from you !!



Im doing this tour in September! cant wait to go! should be amazing!! :slight_smile:


Hey there i’m doing the Reef Suntanner Reverse starting from Cairns on the 16th April. It could be the same tour as you except i finish at the Gold Coast on the 25th April were as you continue further on. My tour meets at Gilligans hostel on the Sat morning of the 16th. I land in Cairns next Tues (12th) and have a few days before hand. Cant wait!lol.Barry!


Hey Barry ! Good to know i’m not alone :slight_smile: yeah i think it is going to be the same as my meet place is at Gilligan’s on the 16th as well. I land in Cairns on the 15th mid afternoon, staying at Gilligan’s. So will probably see you there, should be awesome!!


Hey mina! R u already based in Oz? Unfortunatly this is only goena be a short hol of just ova 3 weeks for me before I av to head back home,
but still can’t wait to get out there! Doen the tour on my own but I’m sure we will all ava ball! For the first few nites I’m stayn
at the Northern Greenhouse hosel next door to Gilligans but I think once the tour starts we all r stayin in Gilligans for the first 2 nites!
See ya next week!lol.