Island Suntanner Reverse, 15th December 2012


Hi All :slight_smile: I am a first time traveller and I am thinking of booking this trip very soon, that leaves Cairns on 15th December, and was wondering who else is booked onto this. I believe there are a fair few of you as it now reads ‘limited availability’. It would be great to chat! :slight_smile: I will be traveling alone and plan to stay out there for a short while after the trip also. It would be great to meet some likeminded people on this trip who may also be travelling alone.


Hi Samantha i’m also trying to book this book this trip.


I’m booked onto the opposite one. Goes from Sydney up to cairns. Leaves Sydney 1st dec and gets to cairns 14th or 15th :slight_smile:


Hey, download the top deck app and there are a couple of people on there doing your trip. I might see you guys in cairns. I’m doing the island suntanner on the 1st dec -14th.