Island suntanner reverse 10th march



Is anyone doing this tour as its only 7 weeks Saturday and nobodies posted saying their going!? Soph and I will be two of the 25!

Cant Wait!!! toooo excited!!!

Hope to see you there!

:slight_smile: xx B-)


Hi Claire

I’m doing the Reef Suntanner Reverse and my paper work says that it forms part of the island Suntanner reverse trip. So maybe we will be in the same trip from cairns to the gold coast?



Hi Joanne,

We are on our tour for 14 nights, maybe we will meet at some point along the way! we are travelling down from Cairns to Sydney. If your on the reef tour will you be staying north gold coast or come down as far as Sydney?.

See you there


Hi claire

I’m traveling as far as the gold coast. Staying at Gilligans in cairns and vibe hotel at the gold coast, as part of the tour. I arrive in cairns on the 9th, when do you arrive? Where are staying?

See you there

Joanne :slight_smile:


Hi Jo,

Sorry havent replied for ages. Ive been trying to sort everything out as its only 2 days away now!!! no excuse I know…

We arrive in Oz on the 9th too. We arent staying at Gilligans on the first & Second night of our tour (10th/11th).

The third and fourth night we are sailing!!

See you there

;D x