Island Suntanner Reverse 07 April - 20 April 2011


:slight_smile: I’ve just booked on this trip - I know it’s very early to post but I am so excited I thought I would get in early in case anyone else has already booked. If you have get in touch. ;D


Hi Keira! I think this might be part of the Grand Aussie Reverse trip that I’m going on ;D We start in Darwin on 25th March but the Topdeck website says the Island Suntanner joins us in Cairns around the 7th April :slight_smile:


I thought this might be part of our tour too Lorna- I vaguely remember it being combined with island suntanner. This makes it even more exciting that we will meet new people halfway through!! Are you from Australia Kiera?? :slight_smile:


No I live in the UK :slight_smile: I arrive in Oz on the 6th April and then travelling for 3.5 wks. Going on my own so a little nervous but I also can not wait! Your trip sounds amazing. Are you both travelling with people too? Where do you stay the night before the Island Suntanner Reverse? I’ve been told to stay at Gilliagans ;D


I’m also going by myself- really looking forward to it! I leave England in just over 2 weeks!! What are you planning on doing after the trip then? I’ve got 3 days in Sydney before flying home- booooooo! Have you done a topdeck trip before??? It’s all new to me :slight_smile:


No never done it before but I think it will b great as we are on our own so a chance of meeting people and seeing everything in such a short time. I’ll b in Sydney until the 23rd I think, r u on fb? There r something’s I def want to see. Have u bkd ur accommo for syd? I was going to sort it once on our trip. Sorry for short message I’m on my phone :0)


Yayy another lone traveller! :smiley: Me and Sarah are both staying in Wakeup Hostel in Sydney. I’m there until 23rd also :slight_smile:

If you want to add me on facebook - Lorna Thompson (under Leeds University/Leeds network) :slight_smile: … always good to have a familiar face if you’re going to be on your own!


ooo-look at us all on this forum today!! I’m also on Facebook- Sarah Smalldon in Coventry network!!


Arh can’t wait girls :0) I’ve tried to find u on fb but phones playing up. If my friend request hasn’t gone through lk up Keira Elliott :0)