Island Suntanner - Nov 18


Hi there,

Anyone else booked up on this trip?




No-one else heading on this one?! ;-(


We are on this trip Gavin.

2 of us, from UK originally, in fact Stenhousemuir to be exact… Small world eh?

Are you travelling alone and what age are you?




Hey, I think I will be on part of your trip as im doing the tropical adventure which starts in Brisbane and is a part of the island suntanner(I think anyway)So may see you guys over there :slight_smile: My trip starts 22nd November. I’m from England!
Sammy x


Hi there Nadine and Sammy,

Nice to know I’m not travelling solo!! :slight_smile:

Yeah, small world indeed…I’m headling over on my own and am mid 30s so hoping I’ll be able to hack the pace! :slight_smile: Stenhousemuir, I was there a couple of years ago watching some football…surely NZ can’t compete!?! And I’ve never been to Norwich I’m afraid…

Looking forward to meeting you all in just over a month, should be an amazing trip!