Island Suntanner March 11-24, 2012


Hi there!

My name is Pat. Anyone else on this tour? Let me know. I am from Canada and will be flying from Toronto Sydney (via Los Angeles) on March 6 and will arrive in Sydney on March 8th. I will be in Oz and NZ for 6 weeks. Can’t wait to meet you soon!

Pat :slight_smile:


Hey Pat! Glad to hear we will have another Canadian on the trip. My husband Steve and I are from Alberta and will be flying through LA on March 7th. We aren’t quite as lucky as you though…we have to return to the cold winter on March 28th.

Look forward to meeting you.



Hi Ally,

I’d like to start a Facebook Group. My name is Pat Tricia on Facebook. You can find me by searching for ‘Adventures at Hopfy 2012’ on fb. I am one of the members in that group. From there, I can add you as a friend and start a group. Looking forward to getting out of the cold! See you soon Ally!