Island suntanner leaving Sydney on 3rd Nov


Anyone else on this tour?


hi Wilson, yes i am doing that tour but unfortunately i will only be the 5 day ultimate surfari this time because i have already the islander suntanner in may this year but left my tour in Gold coast so I’m finishing of the rest now :).


I’m on this tour - was beginning to think I was the only one. What day do you arrive in Sydney?


I’m arriving on the morning of the 1st, I think I’m going to try and do the harbour bridge climb, the sky walk and visit the opera house before the tour starts. When do you arrive?



I arrive quite late on the 1st too - I have 3 days at the end of my trip when I go back to Sydney and am doing the bridge walk then - are you staying in the YHA the night before? Glad to finally see some others on this!


I’ve not got it properly booked yet but the plan is to stay there yup


im arriving the fri night 2 nov before the tour starts and stay the night before at YHA , you guys will have so much fun in Sydney getting the early will give u lots to do and see and i reccomand dong the Bridge Climb ive done it three times and loved it each time its the best thing and worth while. and im glad to there are few more people on this tour. You guys going the whole tour finishing in cairns??


Hi Violeta I am also arriving on the 2nd - where are you flying from? I am staying on the whole tour until Cairns, at the end I am flying back to Sydney for 3 days. How about yourself?


I am also on the entire tour until cairns :slight_smile:


That’s awesome guys you will have so much fun on the whole tour its all amazing i loved Cairns. I’m actually from Melbourne Australia. so i be flying in from Melbourne i would so love to come back to cairns and do the tour again i did it in May this year and loved it and I’m sure you will too. so where are u guys from anyway. Bill what time do u arrive on the 2ND??


Great! Violeta - my flight arrives at about 9pm in the evening so I expect I will just be heading back to the hostel like a zombie to try and catch some sleep! Carly are you going anywhere after Cairns?


hi Bill, my flight arrives around 10 pm so i maybe see u at the airport or back at the Hostel how are u getting to the hostel do u know ??


I have just checked and I arrive at 7pm - maybe we could meet back at the YHA when you arrive?


Hi, I am joining this trip on 7th November in Brisbane, and then staying with you guys up to Cairns x


Hey bill I arrive 1010 at the airport so Im hoping to be at the Yha by 11 the latest so if u or any of the guys are around let’s catch up :slight_smile:


I’ve got one extra day in cairns at the end and then I have to fly back to England unfortunately!


Hey everyone, excited to be heading on this trip. I will also be arriving in Sydney around 9:30am on the first. Hoping to get some sights in before the great trip up to Cairns.



hey guys , when i arrive at YHA i will be heading out tomorrow when i arrive for a bit so if anyone is keen to catch up for a drink or two let me know i be meeting up with a friend at the hostel around 1030 .Lets get the party started early haha :slight_smile:


opps i mean 10.45 pm other wise i see u all sat morning!!