Island Suntanner January 2013


Just wondering if anyone is on the Island Suntanner trip leaving on the 5th January 2013?!
Let me know :slight_smile:


Are you also going there at 5th January 2013?? I am also planning to go there but not sure if I don’t get vacation leave at office otherwise I will go with you. :slight_smile:

Hotels in Aljouf


I booked the trip too.


I am! :slight_smile: thatd be really good if you can aswell! when do you find out if you get vacation leave?


I love it there. When is your flight? I’ll be going again there but not in January. I have something else to settled work related including vacation leaves. Update this post again after your vacation.


Have you been there before? if you have you’ll have to tell me about it! :slight_smile: my flights on the 3rd of jan in the morning! when are you planning on going?