Island Suntanner January 2013


My name is Marco and I will tour to Australia in January 2013 (05-18 January Island Suntanner).
Who have already booked this trip?


Hi, yes i have booked for the island suntanner on these dates!
what date do you arrive in sydney?


On 1. January we arrive in sydney.
Where are you from?


good to find someone on the trip too! and i get to sydney on the 4th, where are you staying up until the trip?
and im from England, how about you?


From Germany, until the trip we stay at the Central YHA in Sydney.
I believe that the Hostel is also the starting point of the trip.


ill be staying there as well! and yes thats where we are meeting the group which is good.
are you travelling on your own?


I travel with a friend.
First we are 2 days in Hong Kong and 3 days in Sydney.
Are you on facebook?


That’ll be nice travelling with someone :slight_smile: and oo that sounds really nice, hong kong will be great!
yess im on facebook, its Danielle Jones, its a really common name so might be quite hard to find lol whats your facebook?


Yes ist`s am common name on facebook.
Marco Friedrichs…maybe you’ll find me.
You are traveling alone?


ill try and look for you on there now :slight_smile:
yeah travelling on my own, bit scary to be honest!


what is your display picture on facebook Marco?
ive found a few people with your name haha


The tickets have arrived.
still 17 days then we go to the trip…