Island Suntanner feb 2nd 2013


Hi guys,
Just wondering if anyone has booked the island suntanner tour to deprt 02 feb 2013.
Let me know! :slight_smile:



I am going on this trip. :slight_smile: I will be studying in Sydney as a study abroad student from the end of February, so this trip is the perfect start to my semester down under. A friend from my university has also booked this trip, and hopefully my boyfriend will also join us. :slight_smile:

Which country are you from, and how old are you? I’m 23 years old and from Norway. :slight_smile:



Hi Maria,

I’m from England, I’ve been living and working in Australia for five months in melbourne but I’m ready to see some more of aus so figured this would be a great trip to do and see as much as I can!
That’s great! What are you studying?
I look forwards to meeting you


I’m 24 :slight_smile:



Unfortunately this tour managed to be fully booked before my boyfriend was able to book it, so we have decided to change from this tour to the Island Suntanner Reverse (departing 9th of February), as we want to travel together. Hope you get an amazing tour!


Awh no way!
Thank you, hope you guys have a great time too:)


Hi Jojo,

I’m from the Phils. My family move here more than 4 years now. I have been working since then for three years hand-in-hand with an Englishman mate of mine named George. I have high respect of him for he is very honorable. I also met other Englishmen at work & they showed me same courtesy which George showed me from the beginning (after he showed me the 2 fingers-why 2? I’m more familiar with the 1! ha ha ha!).

Well kidding aside, I’m happy when I read you introduced yourself as an Englishman. I have high regards o you guys. The only way I thought of returning the gratitude is to give you unsolicited pointers on how to enjoy your trip here in Sydney. They are:

  1. make a list or trip plans to get you organized
  2. get travel insurance to give you peace of mind
  3. always have someone know your whereabouts (back-ups)
  4. enjoy yourself but don’t get in trouble (like drink driving)

Enjoy your trip mate!



Hi Maria,

Just a little bit concerned on your trip with your boyfriend. i guess some suggestions won’t add up any worries on you guys. February may still be hot here. coming your location in Norway, you might get sick for a day or 2 while your body resistance are still adjusting on our weather. an extra allotment from your budget on travel insurance will give you & your boyfriend peace of mind during your travel.

Enjoy your trip!