Island Suntanner (ex Sydney) departing Nov 13 2016!


Hi! I’m a 26 y/o guy traveling from Los Angeles, California, originally from Oahu, Hawaii. I’m into surfing, music, al pastor tacos, meeting new people and generally having a pleasant time. I’m starting this topic as an opportunity for everyone this trip to introduce themselves.




Thinking about booking this tour (last minute I know)!
26 y/o PE teacher from England, looking forward to seeing what the east coast has to offer, making some new friends and going on a bit of an adventure. When do you arrive in Sydney? I’ve never travelled alone before. Any tips?
Vicky x


Im on this tour :slight_smile:


Hey there. I arrive in Sydney the morning of Saturday, Nov. 12th. This’ll be my first solo international trip as well but I’m not concerned as we’ll be with a fairly large group for the entirety of the trip. Hope you choose to give it a shot!


Yep I booked on. Arrive in Sydney on Friday morning. Looking forward to meeting you both :slight_smile:


Hi I’m from the UK too. I arrive in the morning of the 12th too Vicky! where do you fly from? Im 20 and its my first solo trip too but it should be good I’m sure we will all have a great time xx


I mean the friday with is the 11th!!

It won’t let me make another reply, I’m flying from Birmingham at 20:45, i get to Sydney at 7am friday and also staying at that Hostel :slight_smile:


Hey I’m flying from Heathrow, on a BA flight departing at 21.45 I think. Staying at the WakeUp hostel once I get to Sydney Friday and sat night.
Where are you flying from? X