Island Suntanner April 2 2011


Everything is booked! Who else is going? :slight_smile:


don´t know for sure, but i booked reef and rainforest starting 2nd April in sydney :wink:


Hey girls,

it´s the same tour. The only difference is that Island Suntanner has one day less in Cairns. Normally are all on the same bus.



Hey Marion, I guess I’ll see you in Sydney then! Are you going with friends or on your own?


Hey :slight_smile: i travel on my own and you? I will be in Sydney by April 30 and explore the city before the trip.

Only a few weeks to wait, i´m getting so excited B-)


I’m travelling on my own too, first time! I’ll be getting in on March 31, staying at Wake Up. I’ll be exploring Sydney while I can too, thinking of climbing the harbour bridge before the tour starts…


Hey! Just got my itinerary for the trip, so excited!! I’m getting into Sydney Wake Up! hostel on the 28th March… so have a few days to settle in and explore the city :slight_smile: I’m also travelling by myself, not guna lie- I’m cacking myself! ha. 19 days!!


Hahaha! Good to know I’m not the only one:) Glad to hear from another person going on the trip, I was starting to wonder if there were only going to be 3 of us!!


Hi Everyone,
I’m on this trip as well but meeting you all later on in Crescent Head. I’m traveling alone as well and it is good to know that there are people going on the trip! Is anyone spending any time after the trip in Cairns?


Hey Josh, good to hear from you:) I’ll be in Cairns for a couple of nights after the tour ends (doing my scuba school from there). I’ll be staying on at Gilligan’s for the nights, then back again for a night on the 20th.