Island Suntanner 7th - 20th Jan 2012



Is anyone on the Island Suntanner 7th - 20th Jan 2012? I’m on this plus the Grand Kiwi 31st Jan - 18th Feb 2012…

Get in touch if you’re on these trips ;D



YES… ME!! Well, only the Island Suntanner tour. Not headed to New Zealand unfortunately.

Ah yey, super happy I’ve found someone who’s doing it!

When are you flying in to Oz? Where are you staying pre/post tour? xx


Hoorayyyyyy!! Finally a reply :slight_smile:

So glad to find someone on the same trip.

I’m going to Thailand for New Years Eve, then arrive in Sydney early 6th January, don’t fly out to NZ until 28th Jan so got a week to kill after, what’s your plans??



Hi, me and my b/f are also going on this tour! Can’t wait! We fly out on 1st jan to Hong Kong for a few days and arrive in Sydney on the 6th. We are staying the night at Wake Up Sydney the night before! Nice to know we aint the only Brits on the trip! Look forward to meeting you’s!


Sorry guys, only just seen this…
I will be staying at the Wake Up the night before the trip too… We must make sure we catch up!
I’ve got 2 nights boooked in the Gilligans hostel when we get to Cairns. (Which I believe is where our tour ends). I fly to Alice Springs then to do a tour of Ayres Rock.
Have you got accomodation sorted in Cairns? Get into Gilligans!!!
Are you on facebook? If you are add me…
Looking forward to meeting you both! xx


Hi Rhi,

We r staying at the wakeup hostel as that’s where we thought we were getting picked up from, however we got the itinerary through a couple of days ago and its changed! Nightmare!Not to worry its only a five minute walk to this one! 1
We have 2 further nights booked in Cairns but we are staying the Hides hostel as again that’s where we were meant to be finishing the tour! Never mind.
We cant wait are really looking forward to it, we fly out in 3 weeks time!
Are you travelling on your own? Whats the plans for you, how long are you away for?
See You soonish!!

Jennie & Ken xx


What the hell… My itinerary says the wake up hostel!! Will check it out with the people I booked through. When did you get the amended itinerary?
I’m going on my own yeah. My Dad lives in Adelaide so I’ll be spending Christmas with him and then travelling over to Sydney where I’ll be for New Year and until we leave on the 7th! So excited!!! Fly to Alice Springs after Cairns and then do a tour of Ayres Rock for 4 days before flying home! I’m away for 6 weeks in total as its all the time I could get off work! Cannot wait now, I fly out on 16th December so really not long!! xx


How long are you all away for?? xx


Will send you message via facebook! ;D jennie xx


Hi Guys!!!

Sorry I’ve not been on for a while, not long now, I leave in 11 days, excited!!

My itinerary also says depart from wake up at 630am, which I’ll be staying at the night before, then ends at Gilligans, where I’ve booked 2 nights at. What’s changed??

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