Island Suntanner 26th March 2011



Just wondering if anyone is doing the Island Suntanner starting in Sydney in March? This will be my first trip alone and would be lovely to hear from other people who are doing the trip :slight_smile:


Hi Leanne,

My name is Mareike. I´m doing the Grand Aussie starting 26th March in Sydney. Until Cairns it looks like the same trip, so I think we´ll see us. For me it´s the first trip to Australia too, so I´m also glad to hear from other people who are doing that trip.



Hello Mareike,

Lovely to hear from you. Where are you staying the night before the trip? Not long now :slight_smile: xx


Hi Leanne,

I will be in Oz from 21th March. And you? What are you doing before and after the trip? Befor the trip I do some sightseeing in Sydney and may be Canberra and Blue Mountains. Afterwards I will fly to Adelaide and do a roadtrip to Melbourne.
For my time in Sydney i booked a dorm in Wake Up Hostel (because it´s the pick up point for the tour, too).You are right, not to long now. :slight_smile:



I am staying in Wake Up too!! I get into Sydney at 8pm on the 25th so not sure what time I will get to the hostel for!! I am flying back down to Sydney when my trip ends to spend five days there. I am hoping to go the Blue Mountains too. x


Hello Leanne,

My name is Jenna. I am doing the 14 day Island Suntanner, March 26 starting in Sydney. It will be my first trip to Australia and I will be traveling alone as well. It would be nice to have a few words with someone else who is doing the tour as well.


I might be on this trip… or the first part of it if its joined with the grand aussie…
I get to Sydney 27th Feb… having a month there before i do a trip…



Im doing the Suntanner tour too!!
Just about to book my Wake Up room. Im leaving for Sydney this Tuesday! Will be there for 10days before the tour.

How old is everyone?? Im 18, gap-yearing at the mo :slight_smile:



I did this tour (well part of this tour) in February, ya’ll are gonna have a great time! :smiley: