Island suntanner 1st December 2012


Is anyone booked to do this? I can’t seem to find a topic already open? Hoping I’m not on my lonesome :slight_smile:


Hey, your not a lonesome. I’m coming :slight_smile: when are you arriving in Sydney ? Also are you staying on after the trip? I’m staying in cairns until the 19th December, then I’m flying down to Melbourne.


I am in Sydney from 23rd december then staying at Gillian’s in cairns on the 14th and 15th. Fly to Melbs on the 16th. How exciting. Are u on fb? X


In Sydney from 23rd December? Do you mean November? I’m staying at Gillian’s (not sure if its spelt like that) for a night, then I’m going to go to port Douglas for a few days, and then I will fly to Melbourne on the 19th December. How long will you be in Melbourne ? I am indeed on Facebook. Are you set up on the top deck app? It might be easier to find each other on there? I went to find out about backpacks/suitcases today, I have to say I’m getting proper excited now, and I actually have to get all my stuff sorted now :slight_smile:


I’ll add it now.
Yes I meant November not December. When do you arrive in Sydney? I’m only in Melbs for 5 days. Fly to Perth on 21st December for Xmas. Are you going anywhere before oz? Or after oz? I’ll add the app now :slight_smile:


Hey did you delete me from Facebook ?


Hi I just got that… No I haven’t deleted you from fb? Why? I don’t think I received a friend request xxxx