Island 14 day Suntanner - starting 12th Nov



Has anyone else booked up for this??

I am travelling alone, and I’m headin to Auz a few days before the tour begins. :slight_smile:
Anyone else going alone??

Nat xx


Hi, Im booked onto the Island suntanner that starts in Sydney on sat 13th Nov, is the one that you are on? I am also traveling alone and am arriving in Sydney the day before :slight_smile:

Bel x



I’m also on this tour and travelling alone. Flying out on Monday - can’t wait!

Look forward to meeting you both,

John :slight_smile:



I’m also booked onto this Island suntanner trip and I’m travelling alone too. Arrive in Sydney on the 12th Nov and staying in Wakeup! Is anyone else staying there?

Looking forward to meetin you all :slight_smile:

Catriona xxx