Is this the best time to buy euros



We are schedule to travel to Switzerland & Paris around End Feb’11 to 1st week of March '11.

Please can anyone suggest on the following :

  1. When is the right time to buy Euro’s and Swiss Francs.

  2. Will it be economical to pay in euro’s while in switzerland or do we pay in swiss frans.

Many thanks in advance…

Goofy :slight_smile:


hi goofy

i’m not an expert on the economy or anything but i do suggest getting your euros and swiss francs before you leave.
My partner and I got a travel money card just recently and were not travelling untill july!
Just because the aus $ is fairly strong at the moment! the travel money card is accepted anywhere were mastercard is but its your own money already converted to euros.
So it doesnt charge you any fees when you make purchases and only a $2 fee is you withdraw from the atm, where as if you just use your everyday savings card it charges you to convert the rate then make the purchase!
You can also load a few different currencies on the card so thats something to think about.

Hope i helped answer your question :slight_smile:


Hi Goofy,

I’m in investment banking - I’m NOT an economist.

Which currencies are you exchanging? Whilst the A$ is high against the US$ it has slipped recently against the Euro and looks like it will continue to slide with the effects of the Queensland Floods. European markets look like they will strengthen - making the A$ weak against the Euro but strong against US$.

I’m considering getting money changed to Euro soon