Is there a better discussion place for topdeck?


Im finding it very hard to find information and to speak to other people whose been on tours and going on tours? i find this forum that theres not many people on here!

is there a facebook group for topdeck discussions (not just the topdeck page) , i mean i dont mean to name drop other tour compananies but contiki the info and fb set up is very good and so much more help and advice and better group discussions for trips to get to know people.

i just find the forum to be limited and slow for replies.



yes! Topdeck’s replies are too slow! I am still awaiting response from other travelers. And not so many facebook groups at all! Contiki has more than this!


I went on Contiki last year and i must say i found this forum pretty rubish compared to contikis, theres an app called ‘top deck meet’ so you can find people on your tour, but its not brilliant either,
Also nobody seems to make facebook groups for their top deck tour , i found it more comon place with contiki


Hey guys, sorry to hear about the lack of communication between your fellow travellers. The 3 main ways you can try to find and connect with your fellow topdeckers are:

1. The Topdeck Meet App (Click here
to find out more)
2. This Forum
3. Our Facebook Page - Meet App and/or the Page wall

When using the Topdeck Meet App, if you can’t find people talking about your trip then you may need to be the first one to create a discussion for it. Unfortunately there are some travellers who choose to not participate and others who only join right at the last minute.

We do appreciate the feedback on this and are actually in the process of developing a more advanced platform where you can meet up with fellow travellers, ask questions, give advice and get useful insights on trips.

Kenny, if there’s anything you’re waiting on from us please let me know so we can get in touch with you.

Thanks! Andrew.


I think you’ll find this reflects more on the type of people who typically travel with Top Deck, compared to say those who travel with Contiki, rather than the social media and internet presence/facilities of these particular businesses.

The same could be said for many other tour companies. I doubt you’ll find those booking a Cosmos/Trafalgar tour on Facebook and internet forums months in advance trying to chat with others who’ll be on their same trip.

Different people use the internet in different ways. :slight_smile: