Is the free SIM card issued during the tour?


Hey everyone,[br][br]The pre-departure information describes that a free SIM card is issued for trips in 2009.[br][br]Does anyone know if the SIM card will be issued on the coach?[br][br]I’ll be arriving in London on the night before the start of the tour, and was wondering if I need to purchase a SIM card on the night of my arrival.[br][br]Appreciate any help! Thanks!


Wow, never noticed this.[br]Seems like you go here to redeem it:[br][br]Also looks like you have to purchase credit to get it. So it’s like saying if you buy some credit, they give you the sim card. Probably works out cheaper than buying your own sim card from elsewhere though.[br][br]Questions for admin:[br][br]New Zealand does not appear as an option for shipping which is strange since a high number of Kiwis go on Topdeck tours. Am I able to have one of these sim cards sent here? Or would I be able to have it shipped to my relative’s address in London (which will of course not match my NZ address which is in my topdeck booking details and where the credit card I’d be paying with is registered)?[br]


Heya,[br][br]I’m experiencing the same problem as there’s no delivery option to Singapore.[br][br]No other viable delivery options for me too.[br][br]Question for admin:[br][br]Will we be able to apply for the SIM card and get it on the 1st day of our tour?


I had a look at this, went to the site, paid for some extra credit, and 2 days later I had my Global Sim.[br][br]It seems pretty easy to set up and everything - I’m going to test it before I leave as well.[br][br]I guess it was easy for me since I live in Australia and they ship it free![br][br]< European Pioneer - June 10 - July 16 2009 >


hi everyone![br]thanks so much for bringing this up! i hadnt even noticed we get one free. [br]i ordered mine tonight. i hope it is easy to set up - im a bit technologically challenged in life. [br]enjoy your tours everyone and thanks again! :)[br][br]tam~[br]Istanbul - London 2008 [br]Red Star Special 2009


Easy as - literally just put my SIM card in the phone, and then pretended to call my house phone and it worked! WooT![br][br]Closer to when I leave I’ll actually try and send a text message and ensure that works too.[br][br]< European Pioneer - June 10 - July 16 2009 >


Hey guys,[br][br]Let me check and get back to you.[br][br]Cheers,[br][br]Anita


Hi Anita,[br][br]Do you have any update on this?[br][br]Thanks,[br]Lisa[br][br][quote]Originally posted by admin[br]
Hey guys,[br][br]Let me check and get back to you.[br][br]Cheers,[br][br]Anita[br][/quote][br][br][br][br]Lisa[br]Grand European 19 May 2009


Hi Anita,[br][br]Do you have any update on this?[br][br]Thanks,[br]Lisa[br][br][quote]Originally posted by admin[br]
Hey guys,[br][br]Let me check and get back to you.[br][br]Cheers,[br][br]Anita[br][/quote][br][br][br][br]Lisa[br]Grand European 19 May 2009


I would be keen to know the answer to this one too, as I live in NZ and seems strange that there is no shipping here, when SO many people go on Top Deck Tours. Don’t forget lil old NZ![br][br][br]European Pioneeer 25 June - 30 July


Hi admin… Any word on this?[br]Also I was just wondering when you send out the travel documents/pre-departure info?? Thanks!


Admin, is there any word on having this sent to NZ or whether I could have it sent to relatives in the UK while buying the credit with my NZ credit card?


Hi Guys,[br][br]Apologies for the wait - needed to get the answer from eKit who provide the cards and run the logistics on this.[br][br]OK, so if you wish to get the free SIM card, go to
and use your Topdeck booking number. You are right, you need to purchase credit to receive the card.[br][br]Unfortunately, eKit does not offer deliveries to NZ. We will try to sort this out but it won’t be an imminent thing. In the meantime, what you can do is to choose a country from the list where you would be able to pick up the card and use a friend or relative’s address for delivery. I’ve checked with eKit and they advised that it should not be a problem that your card billing address will differ from that of the delivery. However, they may give you a call just to confirm that this was indeed your intention and for fraud prevention purposes.[br][br]The same goes for Singapore, sorry.[br][br]I hope this answers your questions and have a fab trip![br][br]Cheers,[br][br]Anita


Thanks Anita. I will try and have it delivered to relatives in London.


Sorry Anita, I know this forum has been a bit of a headache 4 u![br]But I have no friends. Not overseas anyway :P[br]Any chance I can pick it up from Globetrotters?


Actually, I’m not so sure anymore. The rate for a text message is about double what it is roaming on my NZ sim card!


I just bought my free sim online (very easy to do) and I got an email saying I should receive it in the next few days and it let me know my mobile number and password.[br]The only thing I’m unclear about is this Travel Journal thing that you get with it.[br]Is this just through the phone?[br]I’m just unsure about how this works?[br]i understand that your family and friends can log onto the net and follow your trip, but how?[br]Does anyone know?[br]Might seem like a silly question, but I honestly have no idea how this works! :)[br][br]Colina[br][br]…grand european…[br]…July 28th 2009…


My NZ phone is dying a slow death, thinking of getting another. Better value to buy here in NZ or can I get cheaper/better phones overseas?


Hey Colina, [br]I just got my SIM in the mail. As far as I understand the SIM card tracks your position and when your family and friends log on to your journal they can see where you are on a Google map. To log on I think they just enter your phone number and a password they you create and they can also see photos and journal entries that you publish. You can upload photos from your mobile to the travel journal as well as by logging onto the website. Sounds pretty cool hey? :)[br][br]Kimberly[br]European Pioneer 23 July 2009