Is my trip going ahead?



I was checking out my trip on topdeck and have noticed that the availability now says “On Request Contact Us”, when I booked it, it said “Guaranteed Dept”. Does anyone know what this means? I would hate for it to be cancelled - it’s my honeymoon!!!

The trip is the Venetian Trail on 19th Aug 2010.


I had that same question about mine. I was told that it is fine that it now says, “On Request Contact Us.” That just means that the tour is getting close to full and a person who has not booked needs to Contact them to ensure that there is an open spot!


Phew! That’s a relief. Thanks for the posting that’s a worry off my shoulder :slight_smile:


Hi Tony and Nicola

Rest assured, your trip is a guaranteed departure so can’t be cancelled. Once a trip comes up on request, it just means that there is limited availability on the trip.

Happy travels!

Topdeck Team


hello tony and nicola, i am also doing this tour for our honeymoon as well. its good to see another married couple on the same tour…i can’t wait to do this tour and travel through europe with my new hubby… all the best for your wedding day too.