Is Kristen pizzeria the worst pizza spot in Croatia?


I’m planning to come from Poland to Croatia after a friend told me lots of good stories about Croatia old antique structures and architectural sites, events and goodies but she practically warned me against Kristine pizzeria following her awful experience. I feel fright and undeciding about coming to Croatia after listening to her comments

Please read also and tell me what you think. Help me decide whether to continue my travel plans or find another country entirely.

My friends story below,

It was summer 2017 our first vacation with children in Croatia. Everything was fine. The weather was very nice, the water in the sea was green and warm. Everything was fine until that day…

That day we were walking through the old town in Trogir. The city was very nice, very photogenic. The buildings were old and very impressive. It was our third day in Croatia.

Kids were a little tired because we had woken up early. We have already visited some places like: The Central Square, the St. Lawrence Cathedral with its tower and The Fortress Kamerlengo. We wanted to see the city before it got hotter.

We decided to eat something quickly because children were a little tired and hungry. Our 1 year old daughter was with us the whole morning. We couldn’t decide if we wanted a lunch in the city or in a less crowded place. We passed the restaurant „Mirkec” on the Budislaviceva Street because it had a little worse opinion than the restaurant we have chosen.

At the end we went to Kristian Pizzeria on the Bl.A.Kazhotica 6a Street in Trogir. The owner invited us in. There weren’t many people inside, maybe four or five. Most of the tables were empty. It was quite early in the day. We decided to order something quick to feed the children. Two pizzas would be enough (we thought) and then we would see what to do – order something else or leave the place. The waiter took an order and brought a high chair for our small baby. Until now everything was OK…

Suddenly the owner of the restaurant came to our table shouting and demanding we leave the restaurant! The order was too small for them to serve. „It’s not a Polish fast food” – he said. What a surprise! With such good reviews on the page the owner was shouting at us. Suddenly they stopped being nice! We weren’t very happy with that but we left the restaurant. The children were still hungry and started to cry.

​We stood at the front door discussing what had happened and what to do next. Someone asked us in English about the restaurant. We weren’t happy and we didn’t recommend it to them. The owner of the restaurant heard it. He started shouting at us, pushing to leave the place. We still stood on the street next to the restaurant. It was a public place. Two waiters joined him, pushing us to leave the place. I started to shout trying to call the police and asked for help. The owner of the restaurant hit me once and then next, next, we were threatened with broken glasses held by our necks, with the owner and the waiters suggesting they would slit our throats if we did not leave. This situation was almost absurd and difficult to imagine. Family with small children being attacked by the owner and waiters.

​We managed leave the place. Then police appeared. We spent two days at the police station waiting for translator and explaining everything. We left Croatia a few days earlier. We had enough of adventures for what was supposed to be nice family holidays in Croatia.

I trust her so much and have read online some bad review about this company, I didn’t know if their pizza still taste great as claimed or bizarre following their bad business reputation. Please share your comment, it’s Croatia restaurant all that bad or is Kristen pizzeria a defined bad book!