Is it safe to walk with the luggage to Wombat's hostel from Aldgate East station?


Hi everyone, I’m an 18-year-old solo traveler, from Mexico, it’s my first time traveling without any help and I’m super excited about it, I’m going on the Summer Fun & sailing tour, I’m taking the underground from the airport, to get to wombat’s, I was wondering if is it safe to walk with the luggage from Aldgate East to the hostel? I know London is pretty safe, but I’m worried about walking from the substation to the hostel alone with the luggage.


Travelers do it every day. You’ll be fine just have common sense and don’t leave it unattended or let anyone else carry or wheel your luggage.


It should be fine as travelers do it all the time! If it’s at night or if you don’t feel okay walking there, I’m sure there’ll be taxi’s near the station that you could get to the hostel for cheap


Aldgate East station is on a main road, quite safe. Lived in the area for a year, although I can’t recall where the Wombats hostel is?


100% i walked from Wombats to that station 4 days ago to go to the airport! its not far at all and pretty much in a straight line! I had a big suitcase and 3 bags haha!


Yahh it’s safe 100% to walk with the luggage to Wombat’s hostel.