Is it safe to travel Egypt right now?



i am from Toronto. i already booked the Egypt Essential trip from dec 22nd to 30th.

just wondering… is it safe to travel to Egypt right now?




Hey Dan,

If you already bought the trip I wouldn’t really worry about it, right? I’m sure it is.

How did you book your trip and what is the price range you paid if you don’t mind my asking. I have a weird obsession with Egypt and visiting is definitely on my bucket list. I’m just not too sure I have the funds to get there, which would make me a very sad person…


Hey Jam
I think it is safe and wonderful time to travel Egypt. I also bought two trip tickets to Egypt from Flytime Tours and Travel Inc. I can’t mention an actual amount of my tickets because previous discount coupons. Last year I purchased trip from New York to Saudi Arabia @ USD 575 under special travel packages