Is it better to travel in tour packages or free a


Hey there,
I was a first time, solo traveller to Europe this year and did a Topdeck trip. I highly recommend doing an organised tour - I had a blast and didn’t get stressed worrying about the pesky things like transport and accommodation! It was sort of a taste of Europe, so now I have an idea of what’t out there and if I go back I will be a lot more confident organising the trip by myself. I went in summer time so can’t really comment about travelling in Dec or March. I am living in London at the moment though, and it is quite cold here already…I’m guessing December will be the same for Europe. March could be a good time to go, it might be warming up a little by then!


Do a group tour particularly for the first timers.The transport is taken care of and the hotels/hostels too.No needing to have to do things on your own and can get as much as possible in a limited time :-/


I’d go in a group tour. As mentioned above everything is taken care of - all you have to do is get yourself onto the bus!


Also is it December 2010 or March 2011 a good time to go Europe? Thanks for the advise!
As Rome, Venice and Paris are cities it´s much easier to get from A to B there than it is in a whole country. I was in Paris two times and it has a very good metro/ underground system. So I think you could visit Paris alone. I´ve never been to Venice, so I can´t give you advices. I´ve been to Rome once, but that was with my parents, so I needn´t care about getting from A to B. There are very good city tours offered (including vatican city, if you like).
All in all I would say that if you´re able to read a map of the city, you´re able to “survive” there. It´s not that difficult and all these cities are prepared for tourists, so you can book there tours, too. The only problem may be if you don´t speak french. When I was in Paris with my friends (last time in 2010) it was very difficult to find our way by asking. As I speak french I had to do all the asking how to get from A to B (or sometimes with a little trick: you adress them first in french and then change in the middle of the conversation to english, then they answer in english). In Italy I think this is easier…
Switzerland is a very rural country (ok with exceptions like Zurich and Bern). I would suggest that you go on a tour there.
Now to the time you want to travel. As it is winter in europe, it is be cold, especially in Switzerland. Rome is more in the south, so it could reach 10-15°C. But Venice and Paris are more in the north, so its colder, maybe 0-5/10°C. In Switzerland you´ll have snow and maybe under 0 degree.
I hope I could help you :slight_smile: