Is a 2 hour stopover enough time in Dubi


Hi[br][br]Just wondering if 2 hours is enough time to do some shopping at Dubi (sorry cant spell) airport before changing planes, or do I need the full 2 hours to change flights???[br][br]If anyone can help would be good, flying out tomorrow night getting really excited now :)[br][br]H. Spicer


hi[br]I am assuming that your leaving from aus? not that make’s any difference though. Flying emirates? Just make sure that your bag is forwarded onto your next destination and that will be plenty of time.[br]It is chaos shopping in the Dubai airport however. As long as you know where your departure gate is and your there 1/2 before your flight leaves you should be fine.


Thats plenty of time! Don’t worry either if your flight is delayed that would be Emirates problem…[br]But we went through Dubai on the way home from London and it only took about 20 mins from one flight to the next flights departure gate…[br][br]Have an awesome time :sunglasses: