Hi Everyone,

Need advice on whether its a good Idea to take an IPad on my tour. Did any past travelers find it useful or a waist of space?

Just worried about it getting stolen.

Thanks Bec


I took a netbook on the last tour i did, was great very handy… probably 40% of our tour had them… (that was just before the iPad release).
This year i’m taking the iPad with me, they don’t take up much space, and check your travel insurance you’ll probably find you have cover for it.
With my netbook i kept it in my backpack most of the time as it was light, so was always with me…


I was wondering the same thing…

Does anyone know if i do bring an ipad with my what the best simcard would be to get internet over in Europe/UK?
I was also wondering the same thing in regards to mobile phone If anyone could tell me a cheap good simcard to use in UK/Europe?

Any help would be much appreciated :slight_smile:


Hi shona if you booked with topdeck they give you a free global sim card. I have checked all rates and it’s pretty good I’ve already ordered mine.

I think I’ll take the iPad it sounds like they come in handy.


Great thanks for that Bec.
I will look into this. I have booked a tour with Topdeck so im guessing i can also apply for a simcard.

Do you know if it is easy to recharge the sim card across europe?

Thanks :slight_smile:


You can set up auto recharge. If it gets below a sertain amount it will automatical top up!