Hey was wounderin if anyone could give me some advise iv put an I pad to on layby to take with me to keep intouch with family and friends n photos etc but I just released there are 2 different kinds u can get one is just wifi or the other is wifi n 3G the one I got was the wifi coz the 3G one was more expensive n I was just wondering if I should change it to the 3G one or will there be enough places onthe tour ( I’m doing summer fun and sailing) that will have wifi


3G will cost you alot if you are using it internationally. I would personally stick with the wifi unless you will use the 3G when you get home. It might be worth while speaking to the carrier you will use (telstra, optus) first because they may be able to offer some cheap international internet packages. I found it fine just using wifi with my ipad2 when i was overseas.


3G is fine if you get a sim from the country you are heading to. I am heading to London tomorrow and am planning on getting a data sim from a 3 store when I arrive. I have a motorola xoom.


if you use an iphone you can also tether them via blue tooth… but as mentioned, overseas stick to wifi… (I use my ipad every day and just tether to my iphone, saves an additional bill for 3g usage!)