Hi everyone,

I was debating on bringing an iPad with me on my Britain and Ireland 2012 tour in September 2012. Should I bring it or just leave it at home? I’m thinking it could be cheaper to bring it cause then I wouldn’t have to pay to go into those internet cafes but at the same time, is there a risk that it will get damaged on the tour?

Thanks for any advice! :slight_smile:



I’m debating on wether to buy one or not i think it would be easier to keep in touch with people back home and to upload photos and stuff I think if u have a good enough casing for it it will be ok from being damaged my main fear is that someone will steal it or something


Yeah if I take it, I’d carry it with me at all times I think. I wouldn’t want to leave it in the room in my bag in case that would happen. I have a case for it so don’t think it would get damaged. I’m still debating on taking it or not…


With the photo dilemma- you could always take a couple of extra memory cards and swap them over as you go- they’d take up way less room and be less expensive if you lost them/they got stolen. And I’m sure you’d be able to find time every few days to contact your family in a internet cafe. How long are you going for? :slight_smile:


That’s the thing Mel. I’ll only be gone for about 16 days. Not like I’ll be gone over a month or something. I considered taking an ipod that has internet built in too if I really wanted to contact my family and friends while up there. And I was told there are internet cafes in just about every location on the tour. I’ll definitely need more than one card anyway because I’ll be taking many pictures and videos since it’s my first time in Europe. :slight_smile: