Internet SIM


Hi there,

I was wondering if anyone knows anything about the best MINI SIM to get throughout Europe for internet access? I would like to use it for my iPhone and iPad whilst I’m on tour.

I understand that many places will have wifi, but I was hoping to get a sim for the entire time I’m away.

Any recommendations?



There’s wifi available pretty much everywhere, if it’s not free it’s generally very cheap to buy access… If you do decide you must get a sim I suggest buy a sim cutter off eBay, that will allow you to cut down a standard size sim to fit your iPad… (micro sim size) They are round $5 from eBay…
You’ll find you have limited spare time anyway, I had planned to upload photos every day while I was traveling last time, managed to upload a total of photos over 5 weeks, logged on maybe every 2 or 3 days to check/send email…


Thank you!

I think I will have to make use of free wifi. Was hoping to kill time whilst on the bus… Might just have to catch up on sleep :wink:


I have used micro sim from telestial or onesimcard but they are useless for me. I use now prepaid for 30 euros a month i get unlimited data, free calls with the operator who is using the same service. This one is affordable.