Internet/ipad while away


Hi All,

I am travelling for 3 months and I am considering getting an ipad for my trip. Good to have movies on and a couple of books for all the hours in transit etc as well as the easy Internet.

for those of you who have travelled for a while - should i bother or not? Any advice would be appreciated



Copy and pasted my post from the another thread:

[quote]I’ve pretty much arrived at my solution! Here it is for what it’s worth!

I have an iPad 2 that I will be taking (don’t like netbooks haha and don’t see the point in having that and a tablet). I have worked out I can take approx 60 RAW files per day (I will trim the fat at night so that is enough I think) over the 80 days all of which can be stored locally on the iPad. Although I’m doing tests and may shoot in jpeg (large/fine) which would give me 220 photos a day!

All that is needed is the camera connection kit or: (it has a bit of a slow transfer rate though)

Although the iPad is more expensive than a netbook or external storage I use it for so many other things and this will be a good test to see how it is in this environment. If it works it will be a million times better than a netbook or laptop for me.[/quote]

I will be skyping with it, uploading photos to dropbox etc… much better than taking a laptop in my opinion!