International Sim Cards


Hey everyone,

I leave for my trip soon (2nd September) and have been looking at international sim cards as Telstra charge a lot for roaming. I know TopDeck does a sim card but are there any good deals on international sim cards??

Hoping to get some feedback on this one soon

El :slight_smile:


Hi El

I got a sim from GoSim… Found their rates to be quite good, 15c texts etc and they don’t charge you if someone calls you


Oh thanks Carly, will defo have to check it out!


Hi Carly, I will be coming to Oz in Sept for 23 days and wondered who you’re cheapest Telco is for getting a sim card while over there? I am currently with vodafone in NZ and they charge me 0.80c per text!! I would need one that covers various parts of Oz as I am starting in Melbourne via Adelaide, Uluru right up to Darwin. Thanks :slight_smile:


I would just go for a Vodafone sim card in Australia, they are approx $10AUD and a $29 top up should give you approx $130 credit.

This is what I had when I lived there for 4 years, returning to NZ. I never had a problem.


Hey Carly, how is GoSim with Facebook, banking etc? Any good?! Anyone got any other recommendations?!??! :slight_smile:


Hey guys, I ended up going with back chat … it was $99 for my sim card (micro for iphone) but it comes with $75 worth of credit. the rates are really good while in europe and the uk… im going for 7 weeks so $75 credit was worth it for me!


Hi all,

trying to get the Topdeck sim card but don’t have a voucher code! I went and put in my reservation number to see if that worked but no luck. Can anyone help?


Hi, I’m using holidayphone during my foreign tour. They providing cheap and best services. Pl check the site prepaid sim cards
There you can check more details.


im going to the uk for 10 months is it worth going with back chat and will the sim fit in my iphone 4?


Hi every one. This is the main problem we faces when we want to go to abroad. I used T Sim cards purchase from mumbai, it is really helpful and have very charges. Roaming is available in more than 50 countries.