just wondering if anyone could give me an idea of how much travel insurance is. does it depend on where youre going or how long you are away for? Thanks!


Yeah it depends on your length of time! and usually on what part of the world you are going to, say Europe, America etc. I can not remember how much I paid but for 2 months in Europe i think i paid a couple of hundred


for 25 days travel in Europe it was about $120 from STA travel. You can alter the amount you pay depending on the access you are prepared to pay if you have a claim. On the $120 deal it would cost 250 access to make a claim, you pay more than 120 if you want your access to be less.


Mine was over $1000 but I’m going for over 12 months. Ask your travel agent but then shop around online.


I paid NZD$475 for full cover insurance through ANZ bank. That is for 3 months and covers all of UK/Europe as well as some Scandinavian countries.


Has anyone found someone that will insure them for Paragliding?


hi everyone![br]im a travel agent who issues insurance everyday![br]be sure that you make sure what you are covered for. and if you have any pre-exisiting medical conditions, make sure they are covered.[br]some insurance companies have a limit on medical cover. it would be best to make sure you have unlimited cover on this as you never know what could happen.[br]Hope this helps too.[br]Megan


Hi,[br]I’m also on the Barcelona to Prague trip from the 30th of Sept. I haven’t been to Europe before so eager to get a glimpse. I haven’t had a chance to do much planning/ reading up on things yet, I’m finding it odd not having to organise much being that its a tour. ALthough there is one thing I really better get on to- visas. I’ve checked a few websites and it seems I wont need any visas for this trip(australian passport), Can I just confirm that with everyone?[br]Cheers[br]Elise


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