Insurance policy


hey!! im juat wondering - i just read we need travel insurance. i hav just booked it with STA travel - the plan A. It covers all that Top deak would like-but its not comprehensive - medical only being 1 million! is this ok??


That should be fine,[br][br]when I did my tour we had tw girls end up in hospital of wich one needed to go under the knife and all up this came well under 1 million with change to spare[br][br]Hope this helps


Hey shmu,[br][br]Kinda freaky that two girls ended up in hospital, you’ve scared me now, lol! What kinds of dangerous things do we do on these tours?? :o


Hey yeah, I booked mine with STA also. So does that mean we just bring that little pamphlet and our reciept showing that we paid for it?


i booked my tour and insurance through STA and it was fine. Also had Plan A.