Insurance for trip


Hi guys!
Was just wondering if anyone will be able to help me find some travel insurance for my trip? I can’t find the one that topdeck recommend.


This is the one they recommend

Their prices are a lot lower than most other places I’ve looked, hopefully you won’t need to use it but its good to have.


Perfect! Thank you so much!!


If you are wanting to compare, another one which I am using is


I always use covermore. What ever insurance you get, make sure it’s unlimited medical otherwise you can get in to trouble.


Hey Tasha! I’m a travel agent with flight centre and we sell manulife. Plus, topdeck is one of our preferred suppliers! I’ve been on multiple topdeck tours my self and they’re awesome! Your welcome to send me an email at


Hi Tasha, I sorted through tonnes of different travel insurance agencies and just went with Allianz yesterday. Unlike other agencies they’ve covered me for my nut allergy and asthma (whereas NRMA and others refused!!).My family friend who works as an insurance lawyer also recommended them :slight_smile: Hope that helps