Insurance, Flights


Hey-o guys, [br][br]Just wondering what everyone usually does for insurance - does your work cover it, and if not, who did you buy it through?[br][br]Also, I know that if you book through here, there is the option to have Top Deck contact you about flights. Has anyone done this? Does it save money? Right now, my flight is looking like it’ll be just under $1000 CAD, but Id like to get it down to around $800. Any recommendations?


I booked mine with Allianz $190 for 7 weeks ( bloody good in my opinion) and it covers EVERYTHING i need.[br]there are others that are cheaper but they were a bit vaige in what they really cover.[br]My flat mate has the commonwealth credit card.[br]if you buy your flights with it the insurance is included.[br]Shop around and see what you can find. but make sure you dont JUST go on price.[br][br]- beer is the answer, but i forgot the question- [br][br]summer fun & sailing[br]May 15th 09


I used Travel Guard for my insurance coming from Canada, which isn’t covered by my work, but I work in travel and we work with Travel Guard so I get it wholesale… for 4 weeks I’m paying about $80.[br][br]Flights… not sure where you’re flying from but I was able to get Toronto-Heathrow for just under $1000 with Air Canada, would’ve been $750 with Air Transat but based on their reviews and the fact that Air Canada has electrical ports on every seat (even in coach) made it a pretty easy call for me.