Indiana Hotel, Cairo, Egypt


This is a REAL warning!! - COMPLAINT!

Don’t have HIGH hopes for this hotel. I started my Pyramids & Beaches tour in this hotel. It’s a dump.
Paid for an extra night before the tour started and was really disappointed. The room was rundown and there was no water pressure. I felt bad for having to run the “hot” water for over 20 minutes before it was lukewarm - seriously wasting water!!

The sheets had holes and stains! I slept in my sleeping bag under the blanket since the room was too cold!

I thought the disappointment would end when I returned to Canada… HOWEVER…

The night we left for the train to Aswan, I still couldn’t buy postage stamps to mail my postcards to my friends and myself. It’s a long standing tradition, I send postcards - so I did the usual thing, asked the hotel staff how much it would cost, gave them the money + a tip and my postcards.

Weeks later, NO POSTCARDS to be found! Instead the ones I mailed a week later from Aswan and Dahab have arrived.
Judging by the deceitful ways of other Egyptians… I have a feeling he just pocketed my money.

Don’t expect the tour leader on the trip to tell you much about Egypt, he’s only a leader NOT a guide - so I was told. But he claims to have studied egyptology at school.
Also I have absolutely NO IDEA why I paid extra for the trip, we spent NYE on a felucca - so it’s not like an hotel that would charge a premium for the occasion.

I’m going back to GAP adventures - GOODBYE TopDeck.
Good luck!


Hi Amy,

Despite the hotel issue, did you enjoy this tour (positives/ negatives)?

I’ve heard that the campsite in Dehab is ages away from town. Is this True???



Dear Amy

We are really sorry you had issues with the Indiana Hotel. We investigate each problem we have with a hotel to ensure service, both cleaning of rooms and the reception service. It would probably have been better to ask the Trip Leader if he could arrange for the postage of your post cards if you specifically wanted them to be posted from Cairo. Our trip Leaders in Egypt are not guides but are there to ensure the smooth running of the trips. We also use fully trained Egyptologist at all major sites. We will be taking up both issues you listed with the hotel Management. We have been using this hotel for a number of years, and while it is a budget hotel, it has proved to be suitable for the trip. This was a budget trip. Had you booked a trip such as the Pharaoh’s Footsteps the hotel grade would have been much higher.

Like most places, Christmas and New Year are high season in Egypt, and all services, not just the felucca, charge more for hotel, rooms, train tickets, probably just like the airline you flew with to Egypt. Because of scheduling of all the trips we cannot simply change an itinerary to spend New Year in a specific place. The itinerary was set when you booked as was the price so the higher price, and the location of the trip on NY Eve was known before you booked.

The issues you raised will be taken up. Client feedback is the best way we can monitor the services we supply in Egypt. Each year we take a large number of clients to Egypt on our various programmes and the overwhelming feedback is extremely positive. We don’t pretend to be perfect, but Egypt is a country which is still trying to attain the high standards of the Western world, and feedback about how they are achieving this is important.

Kind Regards,
Topdeck Team


Hi David,

Overall the trip & Egypt is anti-climatic. I guess I expected too much - the pyramids has size going for it.
I know it’s a 3rd world country but the pollution and how the locals treat tourists as purely a cash grab really got to me - more than India and Thailand.

The best thing about the tour was the people I traveled with, it was a really great group of people.
As for Dahab, we stayed at the Miami Beach Resort, not a campsite. It cost 20 Egyptian pounds each way to get into town in a taxi which we didn’t expect and didn’t factor into the daily expense. It’s either a taxi ride or by foot, saw some people riding bicycles but I think they rented them in town.

Enjoy your trip.

Admin staff:

I did ask the tour leader to help with the postage issue but he was always too busy & forgetful and he said leaving the postcards with the hotel staff would be fine. As for the quality of the hotel, I paid 20 USD for a private room with ensuite facilities at another budget establishment after the tour and my stay there was a lot more comfortable, safe and clean. I’m just saying the word budget doesn’t necessarily have to mean lower quality.

Yes the city guide in Cairo and Luxor were a wealth of knowledge. However, we’re only with them for limited time. There’s hours upon hours of travel time spent with the general trip tour leader, it would have been nice and much appreciated if he’d provided general information about Egypt as a whole. The group of people I traveled with are not overtly demanding - we’re all seasoned travelers with and without tour companies.

Thanks for your attention.


Hi Amy,

Thanks for the feedback on this tour…I wish i had not have booked this tour now, as from the sounds of it, its not the trip im thinking it will be :’(

I will also be flying into Cario a day early and need to find accommodation for one night…can you give me the name of the place you stayed after the tour, as i don’t think i could bare to stay at the indiana hotel from the sound of it…

Do you have any feedback on the felucca sailing part of the trip?
Any other info or feedback you may have would be great?..Im a bit worried about getting sick over there with the food ect…any feed back on this?

Thanks so much!


Hi Sim03,

Dont have regrets, just make the most of the situation. Lower your expectations and keep an open mind. Hopefully youll have a different tour leader than I and that he`ll be in better spirits & health.

ALWAYS ALWAYS drink and brush your teeth with bottled water. Not worth the risk. My roomie got sick on the last day (severely) we suspect it was the watered down OJ at the Indiana hotel. Just about everyone in our group of 15, got tummy trouble once if not twice. xx(

The overnight train to Aswan is not fun. Bring your sleeping bag on board with snacks and drinks. We had to do a lot of pushing & shoving to get on board because the locals just came out of nowhere and push us all out of the way.

I dont know when youre going on your trip but we literally froze on the felucca on NYE and Jan 1. They enclose the felucca with a tarp to block out some of the wind but they dont have extra blankets if you need. My sleeping bag is rated to +4 degrees celsius, lets just say spooning and sleeping close to others HELPS!! Bring toilet paper and hand sanitizer, they made stops at the bank about every 2-3 hrs. Bring snacks, youll get to pre-order the drinks you think youll need while on board, the bottled water is free.

In Dahab, Same Same but Different has great seafood for a fair price.
Chillax has amazing burgers - owned by a Kiwi.
Nemo has great crepes and you can ask for Nutella if you have a craving for it.
Snorkeling is great but unless you’re doing a technical dive, don’t waste your money.
The Mt. Sinai hike is very rewarding if you’re thinking of it. Just watch out for the camels.

I stayed at Luna Hotel, 27 Talaat Harb in Downtown Cairo,
It can be a bit hard to find as the entrance is in a courtyard with the pathway in between the shoe stores.

If you want PM me and I`ll add you to my facebook. I just uploaded my pix this morning.

Hope I helped.


Hi Sim03,

When are you going on this trip? I’ve booked for a March 1st departure :slight_smile:



Hi amy33,

Thanks for the info on this tour. I leave for Egypt next Thursday on the exact tour. Im very excited. I would love to check out your photos :slight_smile: My facebook name is leigh reedy.

Thanks Heaps Leigh