India - is definitely the new place to visit - for everybody


India – the land of temples & mythology. The country which is known for its archaeological heritage and has always been promoted as a spiritual hub. But now the face and the entire perception of India is changing, slowly and gradually.
Since the advent of Make In India campaign, the Government of India wants to promote our country as a honeymooners paradise, and everything that may fall between these two ‘destinations’. For reaching that goal, the government has taken many steps towards it.
To promote India as ‘Must Experience’ and ‘Must Revisit’ destination, the Narendra Modi government has come out with a new national tourism policy 2015 draft. Moreover, what is amazing here is that many of the state governments have also started getting serious about popularizing the tourism sector, which is one of the biggest contributors to the GDP of our country.
The new policy offers a hike in ‘tourism products’ , and the concrete roadmap to achieve that. It calls for putting tourism—currently a state subject—to the concurrent list to help the Centre play a significant role instead of being a mere accountant disbursing funds. It touches on many aspects like setting up a new university, volunteer force, policy for vintage cars, promoting separate boards for yoga, Ayurveda, heritage tourism, wellness and using the 25 million Indian diaspora, the 50-page policy touches on all aspects. Also, the tourism ministry has sanctioned Rs 131 lakh for the development of four rural tourism sites.


Tourism in India is economically important and is growing rapidly.The World Travel & Tourism Council calculated that tourism generated ₹14.02 lakh crore (US$220 billion) or 9.6% of the nation’s GDP in 2016 and supported 40.343 million jobs, 9.3% of its total employment. This statistic shows how important this sector is.


Those who wish to see the culture, tradition, mythology and archaeological sites. Definitely, India is the place to visit atleast once.


yes, true,last year Visited Shri Mangeshi Temple during an afternoon tour of temples near Ponda. There are many and this is one of the most popular, with lots of Hindu worshippers throughout the day. A complete contrast to nearby Shri Naguesh, which was quiet and peaceful.
It’s possible to take photos inside this temple, but only in the entrance chamber.

see pics : Shri Mangeshi Temple


I completely agree with you. India is one of my most favorite travel destination in the world. I have visited many place in India like Kerala, Rajasthan, Manali, Shimla, Goa to name few. One of my most memorable trip of India was the Golden triangle tour that we booked with one of the leading travel agency. After this tour my bond with India has increased. I was really impressed by the culture and the people there. Really looking forward for my next trip there.


I agree with you, India is one of my most favorite travel destination in the world.


I think India’s best place to visit is north India. Its more Incredible than rest of india.


Incredible India is dotted with hundreds of prime and offbeat tourist destinations where tourism activities are being flourished in full swing. From North to South India, from West to North East India, and from East India to union territories, there is no dearth of mesmerizing and un-trodden romantic honeymoon destinations that are ideal for celebrating honeymoon in India. In India, you will experience a drastic change in season and travelers and tourists like to search romantic places on the basis of seasons and their preferences. In India, there are widely summer, monsoon, winter, and spring seasons.If you want to Enjoy the indian Places In a perfect Manner then you may ask any travel information,tour packages query from the best travel advisers. See about Indian Places,Pics,tour packages details :