Important - baggage allowance!


Hi @admin @topdeckers - I just have a quick question regarding the size of my luggage. My luggage is slightly over the dimensions mentioned. Mine is 77cm height x 50cm width x 30 cm depth. Is this going to be okay or do I need to purchase a new suitcase? Im quite worried about this. Thank you!


I’m also going on that trip and I’ll be taking my own board! I contacted topdeck and they said that a snowboard bag is okay + an additional bag!


Yeah they got back to me a few days after this and said the same thing! Thank god for that I’m over there for a while i don’t need everything in my board bag :joy:


Hi! So I have a bag with these measurements: 71.5cm X 36.5cm X 35.5 cm. Would that be too big or is the weight restriction more of the strict measurement to follow?


Hi, I want to book the island suntanned, but I am here for a year so I have a large suitcase, roughly 25kg, does this mean I cannot book as I don’t wish to leave my belongings anywhere?



I am in Australia for a year and want to do a top deck to end my trip, island suntanned, but my case is going to be 25kg, and 10cm taller than recommended, will this be ok? else I can’t go :frowning:



Hi. I am booked on the Northern Exposure trip and I can’t find any information where it says we need to take a sleeping bag. This is my second trip with Topdeck and last time I was able to find information regarding baggage allowances and those other important details but I can’t seem to find it this time around. Can you please point me in the right direction where this information is. Thank you


Thank you for giving the information about baggage allowance.


Thanks for your message.