Important - baggage allowance!


Hi @admin , I’m joining an upcoming Dubrovnik to Budapest tour and it says not to bring any external framed bags. Does this include hard-case suitcases? Would I need to go out and buy a new one? Thanks!


Hey @admin @topdeckers

So I’m heading out on the Road Trip USA tour in about a week and I’ve measured my suitcase and its slightly over the 70x45x25 required dimensions. My suitcase dimensions are roughly about 72x49xx23.
Are you guys strict about the whole sizing and get like a tape measure out and everything and if so, will I need to go and get a new suitcase to fit the required size or is it fine as long as it’s not over 20kg??



@admin What is an external framed bag? I see these aren’t allowed, but I have no idea what it is!

Will a suitcase (soft sides) on wheels be ok (Moroccan Explorer)?

The 20kg limit - is that for carry on AND suitcase (combined)? If not, how much is the carry on allowed to weigh?


Hi Lauren! Just a quick question, I am heading on this tour next year and wondered how you went with your hard suitcase? Its it really a pain to wheel along / heaps of stairs?


Lol sorry Hannaah! I just logged in to see this now!

I took a hardcase suitcase, it has wheels (highly recommend)

There were a few hostels that has limited lifts and or not working lifts, so had to lug them up the stairs…


Hi @admin, my partner and I are going on the Parades to Piazzas tour on the 1st of Jan 17, we have recently bought 2 hardshell cases for a previous trip that measure roughly 80 x 53 x 30 cm. Are we going to need to get some new bags? If we ensure to keep the weight below 20kgs will that be alright? Cheers, Mike.


Hi guys. Planning to do a European trip this summer (haven’t narrowed it down yet).

I currently have a regular suitcase, but I am considering buying a backpack instead (after lugging the suitcase up several flights of stairs on my previous trips to Paris and Venice, not to mention over a load of bridges in Venice!!!) I am thinking a backpack that distributes the weight over my shoulders may be a more suitable option for me.

Thing is, I haven’t a clue where to start looking in relation to backpacks. I don’t know anything about them. So I am here to ask my fellow travellers for advice. Do any of you have a recommended brand/pack etc. Tips and tricks when purchasing and packing?

I live in Ireland if it helps when recommending stores/websites to purchase off of :slight_smile:


Hi there @admin
When its specified for 20kg, is that 20kg when we depart, or 20kg throughout the whole trip?
I have a 28 day long trip so im just worried about the amount of clothes and souvenirs i will accumulate and try to balance the weight the whole months! :smiley: :sweat:

Thanks so much!



hi Amy,…
I read a post earlier on this thread that said as long as your bag is under the 20kg…
your luggage will be good as long as its under 20kg.

Have a great trip…
I hope this help u.:relaxed:


Hey!! Did you have any troubles with your bag when you went on tour?
Was there anyone with a bigger suitcase then yours?
I’m getting worried my bag might be too big. But don’t want to rush out and buy another if I don’t need to :slight_smile:


I had a massive suitcase. No one checked size or weight or even inquired about it. We only ever took public transport tho, so it wasn’t an issue in Japan. However there are heaps of escalators and a few times I nearly killed myself lugging my suitcase up and down stairs


I wrote to TD and they specifically said to fit withing their guidelines. A little over few cms maybe ok. I bought a new case to ensure i dont get stuck without my luggage not worth the risk. Probably best you call TD and ask them direct :slight_smile:


Hi Emma, No we didnt have any problems at all. As long as you maintain your weight limit then you should be good to go, there were a few people that had big bags like ours.


Hello Topdeck,

I was wondering in regards to the luggage allowance if am able to get in contact with someone via phone in order to discuss my limitations as I am continuing to travel else where after my tour ends with top deck.

Whom may I speak too in this case?

kind regards,



@admin please see above :slight_smile:


Hi Topdeck,

Some months ago I bought a new luggage bag that is 84cm x 33cm x 40cm, as this was the exact same bag a friend took with her on the Grand European last year (same one I’m doing in a few weeks). As long as I keep it under 20kg, will I have any issues with the size?

Thanks, Kate


Hi Topdeck! I have been reading these posts but they have conflicting responses so I am quite nervous and concerned. I - like one of the others that commented- have a Kathmandu 70L Hybrid suitcase. It is a soft bag and with all of my stuff weighs only 11KG. However the dimensions are 79x37x37 is this okay? I know you have said that dimensions are not a big issue but I just need to be sure as I leave in less than a week and I do not want to purchase a bigger bag but if I have to I need to know ASAP. So is this okay?


Hi Topdeck
We are doing the USA Stars and Stripes tour this December. Please can you tell me what the baggage allowance is for this trip. Also, we have an internal flight from San Francisco to New York, part of Topdeck tour. Please can you tell us what the baggage allowance/restrictions will be on this flight.
Thank you


Hello! I’m going on the Vietnamese Voyage trip during the last week of September. I was planning on bringing a small wheeled suitcase. Will I have problems with this? Would you recommend something else?


Doing the great white northern ski tour in Canada this year. Seeing as there is little info on this trip what is the go with snowboard bags
Total luggage won’t clear 20kg but they are bigger bags
Don’t see a point trying to hire crappy boards when i have my own to choose from