Important - baggage allowance!


Does the dimensions/weight include sleeping bag?


Hi, I am thinking of doing the summer fun and sailing trip in July/August, I was just wondering whether it is recommended to use a backpack rather then a suitcase? It will be my first time travelling to Europe so I have nothing to compare to and also given that it is mixed accomodation I am a little confused?? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks


Hi @topdeckers @admin my suitcase is slightly over only a few cm 70x47x29 as opposed to the 70x45x25… Will this be ok since it is only slightly over?? Do they get really strict and get measuring tape out or will I be fine as long as it’s 20kg and under?


HI :slight_smile:
So I’m doing the Coast to Coast tour and I was just wondering if it is alright for us to to have a suitcase (With the correct size ECT) or is it preferred for us to have a travel backpack??
This is my first time travelling and I’ve been told a few different things about our bags. Any help with this would be very greatly appreciated.



Hi Amy,
I hope you are getting excited for your trip!
Your luggage will be fine as long as it isn’t over 20kgs.
Topdeck doesn’t expect you to go and buy a new bag if your luggage is slightly over the dimensions J
Have a great trip!
Team Topdeck


Hi Lauren,
I hope you are excited for your trip!
You can bring a backpack on the Coast to Coast trip, however it does still need to be within the dimensions and under 20kgs.
We do find that most travellers use a suitcase rather than a backpack, however the decision is entirely up to you.
Have a great trip!
Team Topdeck


Hi @admin, just discovered this forum now… I’m going on the Spirit of Europe tour in 15days! I recently purchase a large new hard case suitcase! …Which I love, but just realised its 79cm tall!?? Is this going to make the cut??? :cry:


hi @admin 1
so im doing Europe Inspired trip and i was wondering if it’s alright to have a suitcase with the right size or i need to have a backpack?? . Its almost a one month trip .
oh and also if i need to bring my own sleeping bag???


Hi @admin , my suitacases fit the diamensions but are the hard case type can these be used as my trip details say no external framed luggage in not sure if this is the same thing? Thanks


Hi there,
I am about to embark next month on the Spirit of Europe trip which I am very excited about.
I will actually be relocating from NZ to UK permanently at the same time.

I have recently received my Topdeck docs which for the first time I saw the baggage size restrictions. This has me worried as I received a new hardcase bag as a leaving present which is 6cm larger in size than the dimensions state. I am moving permanently so coming over with a backpack wasn’t an option lol

I have contacted Topdeck who advised this shouldn’t be an issue if the weight is no more than 20kgs. Which is fine, I can manage that lol

What I am worried though that this bag which is a great brand and quality with 4 wheels could still be an issue over there due to cobblestones etc? I have travelled a lot and wanted a hardcase to keep my things safer than tossing around a softcase.

Can anyone assure me that this wont be too much of an issue especially its the bag if fairly light in weight? I am just getting worried about it.

Thanks for any advice someone can give me.


Hi Admin :slight_smile:

I’m doing Russia revelations & scandi express. I noted all the size and weight restrictions but I’d like to see if you could provide some advice of whether a suitcase would be ok for the places we are going?

Also Are Russia & Scandi cool enough at this time of year to warrant a coat or would a jumper be warm enough? Packing for summer and winter temps is tough!


Hey there!

Thanks for your message!

Ahh Russia, so jealous!

Yes a suitcase is fine :slight_smile: it’s a mixture of hostels and hotels but they just need to be within the restrictions.

I would have a look at the weather, but it’s just starting getting a bit warmer, but I would definintely take a jacket as it isn’t quite summer just yet.


Team Topdeck


My partner and I are doing a camping trip and we have a large suitcase then a small suit case and a small back pack! I wasn’t aware that there was no suitcases allowed? we are doing other travelling after and we both agreed it would be better for both of us to travel with as well as I have a medical condition that prevents me from lifting a backpack as well as not being physically able to!


Hey Georgia,

We hope you are getting excited about your upcoming trip! That is fine if you are bringing a suitcase instead of a backpack. Just note that your luggage does have to fit inside your tent with you - which is why we recommend backpacks as they take up less space.

The baggage allowance is: each person is allowed 1 item of standard size luggage, which must not weigh more than 20kg, plus a day pack.

Due to the size restrictions on the coaches we cannot fit in the small carry on suitcase in addition to your main luggage - while there is overhead storage on the coach itself, it is quite narrow and only large enough for a day backpack.

Should you have any further questions or queries about this please don’t hesitate to ask us - we are hear to help :slight_smile: - Emma


Hi, I’m doing the Europe Winter Spirit and just wondering if in that 1 item of standard sized luggage is only the 20kg luggage? Can we still bring a day bag with us plus the luggage??

Thanks :smile:


Hi @admin,
I have read, and know all about the standard luggage, but what about the day pack?
I am not sure how big that would be or how big it can be?
I know that it is okay if it can fit under the seat or in the overhead baggage area but is that how big would that be?


Hey, I read that a few times also and I am pretty sure that the standard luggage is only for the 20kg main bag, then added on you are allowed a day bag, but I am not yet sure how big that can be.



I am going on the Northern Express trip on Sunday and just wondered can I take a suitcase? Also my trip details states that I don’t need a sleeping bag but lots of the forums say that I do? Do I need to buy one?

Thank you,
Sarah :slight_smile:


I am booked on the winter spirit 2nd February tour 2017 and I bought a day pack and a backpack that is on the smaller size before I decided to do the tour and found out the baggage allowances. because this bag will only fit my clothing in it and will be under 20kg is it ok to bring a ‘pack away’ bag that I can pull out part way though the trip to carry souvenirs in if the final weight is still under 20kg?


I am doing the Croatia Adriatic Sun sets trip 27th August, what type of bag is recommended?