Important - baggage allowance!


Hi I’m going on the winter getaway and have my suitcase which does not exceed the size and weight requirements and also have a carry on bag the dimensions are 35 h 46 w 18 d is that allowed?


Hi Beccaboo,

Thanks for your post. I hope you are looking forward to your Europe Winter trip!
Our winter trips stay in hostel and hotel accommodation only so a hard case suitcase is suitable. Our luggage dimensions are as follows: Each person is allowed 1 item of standard size luggage plus a day pack. The maximum weight of your main bag must not exceed 44lbs/20kgs. Size for all bags must not exceed 70cm x 45cm x 25cm.
In regards as to what to wear, a knee length dress will be fine, I would however recommend wearing some stockings/tights underneath the dress as it will be very cold outside and you may have to walk between the accommodation and restaurants.

I hope this information is helpful for you.

I hope you have a lovely time in Europe!
Team Topdeck.


Hi Cath123,

I hope you are looking forward to your Topdeck trip!

Each passenger is allowed one large item of luggage and one smaller bag to take on the coach (similar to airline luggage restrictions). Your suitcase and carry on bag will be fine to travel with providing they do not exceed our luggage restrictions.

I hope you have a lovely trip!
Team Topdeck.


Thank you so much for the advice! You have lifted a weight off my shoulders!


I read a post earlier on this thread that said as long as your bag is under the 20kg limit it doesn’t matter if it slightly exceeds the dimensions you mentioned. Can you confirm if this is the case? I have purchased a hybrid backpack & trolley with the following dimensions: 79cm x 37cm x 37cm. If the bag weighs say 14kg will I be ok to bring it on the tour or do I need to purchase a new bag? I depart in 3 weeks from today so I need to know asap.



The 5th post in this thread answers this question. Topdeck admin says so long as the weight is under 20kg for the entire trip, you’ll be fine. The weight is the main thing. There’s a weight restriction in Europe.


Quick one since all i can see is in relation to Europe trips… is it still 20kg in the US? Seems a tad bs since you can travel international with 2 bags upto 27kg ea on flights. Just asking… i aint needing 2 bags but winter in the US is a tad cold for what you recommend packing. 1 jumper and 1 warm coat. Ha


Hi Brad,

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The baggage dimensions are the same throughout all of our Topdeck trips, so you will need to make sure that your luggage doesn’t weigh more than 20kg. Also, I would recommend packing lighter than 20kg so you have space for souvenirs and presents! Don’t forget that you can bring hand luggage with you as well which will allow you to pack a few more warm layers for the US winter. I’m sorry that we are unable to cater for more but we want to ensure that each passenger is able to bring equal amounts of luggage. Hope this helps.

Team Topdeck


Does this also include Egypt Express? Was wondering if a suitcase would be allowable due to the time on the felucca. Any advice would be great. Thanks!


Hey @admin
Just a question in regards to the day pack we are allowed to bring. Is that basically like carry on luggage like with airlines? Are we allowed to bring a handbag or something as well? Because i dont want to have to carry a big bag around all day




Thanks for your message.

Your hand luggage needs to be small enough to fit either under your seat or in the overhead racks on the coach. These racks are slightly smaller than you would find on a plane.

What we find a lot of people do is put a small handbag in to their day bag. That way if you don’t want to carry your day bag with you all day, you can leave it on the coach and just take what you need with you.

We hope this helps.

Have a great trip!

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Hi :slight_smile: is the Road Trip USA the same with the luggage?


Hi there,

We don’t have any restrictions for Egypt, however it would be easier with the Felucca to have a backpack. However if you do have a suitcase that isn’t a problem either. Weight of 20kg still apply for this as well.


Team Topdeck


may be a really stupid question but im going on the grand european tour in late august :slight_smile: just wondering if my bag is about 10cm to tall / wide is this going to be a big issue? just don’t want to go out and buy a new bag if i don’t need to. thanks so much - Dave :slight_smile:


Hey there,

That should be fine!

As long as it is under 20kgs :smile:


Hi im going on the canadian rockies tour but after that im still going to be in canada for a few more weeks. Is there any restrictions on this tour? And would a backpack be better? Thanks


Hi, I wanted to know if the following dimensions of 73cm x 36cm x 37.5cm is okay for doing a Europe tour even though I will pack less than 20kg.


Hi Annabel, I have read posts on this topic and topdeck had advised that it should be OK as long as it is under 20kg. I have a suitcase that’s a little over in all length width and height. Just needs to be under 20 due to the driving restrictions.


I just got a suitcase with the following measurements
66 x 46.5 x 27.5cm , is it okay? It’s only a few cm out.


I’m planning on doing a topdeck tour this summer but will be travelling before and after the tour and with a suitcase, will this be an issue for the European adventure tour provided it is under the weight requirement?