Important - baggage allowance!


This may have been answered before, does the pack have to be 20kg for the whole duration of the trip or just the start? I cant imagine their being luggage weighing facilities at every hotel we stay at!


Hey Lozzie,[br][br]It is not to do with hotel weighing facilities but European driving laws and the weight limit for every coach. So yes, the weight limit applies to the duration of the trip so please bear that in mind when you pack. You gotta have space for those all important souvenirs! [br][br]Cheers,[br][br]Anita


Hi Admin, [br][br]Im doing the europe unplugged camping trip at the end of august. [br]I have a large backpack which fits the dimensions stated.[br]I was just wondering if the sleeping bag has to be packed within the large backpack or can be attached on the outside??[br][br]Camilla[br][br]Europe Unplugged[br]22nd Aug - 12 Sept 2009[br]


Sleeping bags can be an extra. They do not have to fit into your bag. Youre allowed your pack, a sleeping bag and your day bag. Read the first post in this topic - its from Admin.[br][br]Amanda[br][br]Eastern Spirit 12th August 2009[br]&[br]Roman Chariot 15th September 2009


So to clarify, if your bag is slightly over the dimensions (mine is like 1cm-ish higher, wider & longer) then that’s ok?


I am off to buy a new bag, I had already bought one with wheels, but my freind who has been over to Europe already suggested i would struggle with the cobblestones and that a backpack is the way to go.[br][br]I have been following the website which is excellent and full of tips to keep the qty of stuff down. There is a list they suggest also on the topdeck website, the one bag system has been used by me once for a trip to coffs recently, worked well, also another freind of mine went to thailand and also USA and used this method. She highly recommends it.[br][br]I am off to Kathmandu tomorrow morning to buy a Backpack called the Longhaul x-pac v4. Its dimensions are 70 x 40 and fits within the Top Deck Requirments, plus it comes with a little mini backpack that detaches… called a 15l Gluon trek daypack is what you can carry on plan and in the coach. I think a perfect solution.[br][br]I plan to do the European Getaway 2009 from 17 Oct if they allow me in due to me being at the older end of the bracket. I will hopefully know Monday/Tuesday… Fingers Crossed.[br][br]I am going to travel UK and after the tour go back and see the stuff the tour doesnt cover in most of the european places via a Eurail 3 month pass. Anyone wanting a travel partner let me know.[br][br][br]EDIT: I went to get the Longhaul X-Pac V4 today (saturday), but found it hurt my shoulders and yes they professionally fitted the back and added weight to test. The Kathmandu people were helpful, I ended up trying a few packs,… but they all seemed to pull on my shoulders even after quite a bit of tinkering/adjusting.[br][br]So I walked up to Macpac and grabbed an Orient Express 65. Very similar specs to the Longhaul but was super comfy and almost didn’t feel like i was carrying it. The guy at the Chatswood store was super helpful too,[br][br]So anyone buying a backpack, i can suggest trying it on after they adjust it… I was amazed at the difference in comfort.[br][br][br]Cheers[br]Bianca Duvall[br][br][br]Europe Oct 10 onwards[br]Thailand 2007,2008,2009[br]NT 2008[br]



I’m going on the Spirit of Europe tour next June and was wondering what are the dimensions for backpacks


Hi there! I will be travelling the Middle East and Europe next year, and therefore will have a backpack, but also other bags. So far I have booked 3 tours; Ultimate Egypt, Jordan & Israel and Morocco Explored. Is there any place that we are able to ‘store’ baggage that is not required on the trip itself?

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Hi all, I will be travelling around Europe starting in November (from sunny Queensland to winter Europe - woohoo haha). I am contemplating on getting a backpack rather than a suitcase and I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations on good backpacks that are within the topdeck baggage allowance? Any advice is good advice :slight_smile: Thanks.


Hey I’m doing the Winter Getaway trip. Will I need to bring a sleeping bag with me??



No you don’t need to bring a sleeping bag on this trip because you will be staying in hotels, hostels and bungalows where bedding is provided.

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I will also be doing the winter getaway tour on Nov 28 - 15 Dec. My luggage dimensions are 79cm x 37cm x 37cm. Will this be ok as long as I keep it under 20kg or do I need to buy new luggage?


hi, what bag (type) are you taking? I am doing the same trip, I have a sport type bag with wheels and straps (but can’t wear on back)…I am so confused as to what would be best. I am doing a few days before the tour and also like 2 months after, don’t want to carry a back pack…


Just wondering… I am in Europe for 6 weeks so I have a normal suitcase and carry on luggage, are both of these allowed on the tour??


Hi there! I’m taking a hybrid trolley/backpack from Kathmandu and will also take a small backpack to use as a daypack.


Yeah I’m sure that’s fine


Cheers! I am thinking I will use what I have, doubt it’ll make 20kgs (I used on the weekend, I got it to 14.3kgs and was too heavy to carry far hahaha!)
If it is no good after the tour then I will look at buying something else for the rest of my travels


Hey, @admin
This may seem like a stupid question but is it harder to travel with a hardshell suitcase on a winter trip? I’ve never been to Europe at all so I have nothing to compare it to. Many are saying to take backpacks but I doubt I can fit my winter coats into a backpack. I want to be able to shop for souvenirs as well so I’ll need extra space. Please help!

Also, can you please help with what to wear for dinner in winter? Can I wear a knee-length dress in the restaurant and still be warm?



@annik was your suitcase a four wheel one? One of those where the wheels go 360 degrees?