Immunisation before trip


Hello all,

I was wondering from the experience of others, if it was worthwhile getting shots for the more esoteric diseases like Rabies and Hepatitis A, particularly for tours going on around Eastern Europe. I will be going on the Northern Exposure one myself at the start of June this year.

Guess the paranoid in me worries of stray bats and dogs particularly in the more rural areas especially when you are wandering around alone.

Cheers! B-)


might be best to see what shots your doctor recommends, i have a few im going to get as recommened by my doctor


I would get a Hep A shot for any OS travel. But like Hailey said, see what your doctor recommends. :slight_smile:


My Dr just gave me a website link and you put in the locations you going to and it brings up these massive lists of shots you can get but hard to figure out what is actually needed vs what’s recommended but not essential.
I am trying to find out what shots I will need to South Africa & Kenya & Nairobi