I'm not a camper. Do the Eurohotel trips attract?


It seems like the forums are all filled with people talking about their upcoming camping trips, yet I see no real Eurohotel discussions?? Since I’m not a camping kind of guy, I just wondered what my tour mates tend to be like on Eurohotel. Large groups? I was thinking of doing the Venetian Trail on May 27th, 2010 as a possibility, but I want to make sure I have a decent group of people to share the experience with.


The reason for my concern is that I’ll be travelling solo.


i was not a camper before i went but i had the most amazing time, like how much time are you really going to spend in between siteseeing, partying and socialising ur lucky to spend 6 hours in ur room a nite. when i did my trip my tour manager said that camping groups are alot closer as we dont hang out in our rooms like the hotel tours, but in saying that all the ppl that doing the hotel option may be quite likemided so nthat could be a positive


If you go solo, you will not have to worry about those around them. But it’s really boring.


I have absolutely no idea what that last comment means, but I went and booked the Venetian Trail on May 27th anyway. The tour is booked up, so I guess that answers my question. :slight_smile: